Everyone’s still talking about Richard Sherman. The Sherman think pieces are every where. Sherman’s arrogant. Sherman’s a “thug”. Sherman showed bad sportsmanship.

Sherman, Sherman, Sherman.

But what people aren’t talking about is a tweet made by Andre Iguodala, of the Golden State Warriors, in reference to Richard Sherman.


Never-mind his flagrant use of the “n-word”, which leads me to believe he could end up like Matt Barnes and getting fined, but let’s look at the “we just got setback 500 years”.

It always bugs me when a black person thinks just because white people may perceive an action by another black person as ignorant that “we’ve been setback”. That’s mighty Uncle Tom of you.

How exactly did a Stanford graduate set black people back 500 years? Because he wasn’t a “respectable negro” during an interview right after a major career point in his life?  If anything, Sherman proved that just because you’re from the “wrong side of the tracks” doesn’t mean an education isn’t possible. And couple that with being able to do something he’s always dreamed of, if that’s a setback, I’d take 10 of them.

It’s said that some black people can be our worst enemy. In a time where people should stick by one another, especially when the racists rear their ugly heads, we tend to be the first to throw our fellow brother under the bus.

So no, Iguodala, Sherman didn’t set us back 500 years, you did. You’re like the slave that sold out other slaves when they attempted to run away, because you thought it would put you in Massa’s good graces.

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  • NoitAll

    You mean the gross income inequality, the Supreme Court striking down a part of the Voting Rights Act, and the constant challenges to Affirmative Action hadn’t already set us back?

  • Rissa

    The guy JUST made the game winning play that sent his team to the Super Bowl after his opponent trash talked him, I’d be hyped too! Give him a break.

    He was salutatorian of his high school class, earned a scholarship to Stanford and earned his college degree. So, no, Andre Iguadala ,Mr. Sherman has not set black people back 500 years, you have.

    • Emme

      I don’t watch sports so I had to go to youtube to see his comments and all I saw is the typical sports macho talk. He does not look like a thug any more than any other trash talking guy in sports.

      But neither Sherman nor Andre has set anyone back 500 years. I doubt there are that many people who see either of them as representative of all black people. Though the ones who do are quite vocal, they are a dying breed.