The Ultimate Guide to Having an Awesome MonthA new month is fast-approaching and that means there’s a clean slate coming your way! With a little planning and a positive attitude, you can start the new month off on the right foot and keep the momentum going. Bookmark this handy dandy Ultimate Guide to Having an Awesome Month and refer to it five to six days before the start of each new month. Before you know it, your whole year will be dripping with awesomeness. Ready? Let’s go!

Write down two or three positive new habits you’d like to start in the new month.

It’s important to stick to just two or thee things for this. The idea here is to ease you into good long-term habits bit by bit. No need to turn your whole life around in one swoop.  Examples of positive habits you want to start in the upcoming month: washing all the dirty dishes before bed each night, meditating every morning, getting to the gym twice a week, calling your mother every Sunday, etc. Whatever the habit is, just make sure to attach a firm recurring time period to it like once a week or every morning.

Write down one to three goals for the new month.

These goals are different than your new habits. The habits are something you want to incorporate that will hopefully continue on beyond the new month. Your goals are mini-projects that have a firm end date within the new month. The key here is to be reasonable and take your time, resources and energy into consideration. Examples of goals for the new month: put $500 into your savings account, send out five surprise care packages to friends and family, swim 100 laps, read two books, etc.

Write down tasks for each goal.

The idea here is to chop up each goal into a reasonable to-do list. Some goals will have much longer task lists than others. A goal of reading two books that month might only have three tasks (pick two books from the NYT best seller’s list, buy both books from Amazon, schedule uninterrupted reading time 9 pm –10 pm every night).  A goal of saving $500 might have a more complex task list because it might involve taking a financial literacy class, making a budget, cutting back on specific expenses, etc. When thinking about the tasks that need to be done to complete a goal, you must also consider time, which brings us to the next and final step.

Put all of your habits, goals and tasks into your calendar/to-do app.

It might sound a bit overwhelming to put all of the habits, goals and tasks into your calendar or to-do app, but it will help you focus and it forces you to think concretely about incorporating these things into your life. Eventually you won’t need to put the habits in your calendar because those habits will become second nature. Planning ahead and setting aside time for these actions help to increase the likelihood of success.  You are proving to yourself that you do in fact have time to create the life you desire. Just do it, kid!

If you give this Ultimate Guide to Having an Awesome Month a try, let me know how it goes!

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