Victoria’s Secret model Lyndsey Scott isn’t just another pretty face.  She has the looks and the brains to make her the complete package.

At 29-years-old, Scott not only has walked for VS, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Calvin Klein, but the Amherst grad is also putting her computer science degree to use.

Model by day, coder by night.

“If I had to liken her to someone, I’d say she’d like Gisele Bundchen mixed in with Bill Gates,” her younger brother Matthew Scott told Pando Daily. “I can’t imagine those two combined, but if they did, it would probably be Lyndsey.”

Scott recently publicly released her second app—called iPort. And it was invented out of necessity.

“I built that app because it was something I personally needed,” she said. “My book always ends up looking terrible—the books fall apart, the pages are tearing, it’s dirty, and it’s a mess.”

The app is meant to be a digital way for models to tote their portfolios from appointment to appointment as they go on castings and go-sees during the workday.

Check out Lyndsey’s video explaining iPort right here:

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  • BeanBean

    Computer science is a crazy hard major. Props to this girl!!!!

  • Anthony

    I hope Lyndsey Scott continues to have success with both ends of her career. She won me over when she did the wig gag. I love it when black women are able to laugh about their hair.

  • Eyes Wide Shut

    I always like to hear about high fashion/commercial fashion models who go to school and get an education. I especially love it when they turn that education into a business!

    I wish Lyndsey well in both her careers. Unlike most models, she has a solid alternative to fall back on when walking down the runways is no longer feasible.

  • It’s good she using her brains just as much as her beauty.

  • Me

    good for her but the one thing that bothers me is people reporting this like the default is that models don’t have brains so it seem like they are all surprised that she knows something. she may be the 1st to blast her comp sci degree but plenty others are running their own businesses (tyra, iman, kimora, etc) or doing thins under the radar. i didn’t watch a whole lot of antm but a bunch of those girls were already in college on their way to a degree before they decided to audition. and even if they were all a box of rocks why are we only impressed about this woman’s ***other*** job when the other ladies are working to support themselves too. a job is a job as far as i;m concerned. do something with your life the best way you can and be a good person. that’s all that matters. but kudos to her not only doing her job well but also adding value to the industry with that app. that’s the diff between workers and leaders in any job/company/industry.

    • Anthony

      You are right. People always seem surprised to know that athletes, especially black have degrees also.