Admittedly some of us are really partial to dark-skinned men, so I cracked up on Yellow, the newest addition to the Blackandsexytv’s lineup that includes the That Guy, roomieloverfriends and Hello Cupid web series.

Written, directed and created by Numa Perrier, Yellow is a docu-series that chronicles the “pleasure and problems of the light-skinned black man.”

In the premiere webisode entitled Butterscotch, Austin becomes acquainted with blind date Myla over salads. Myla admits to Austin how she pictured him based on his deep voice.

“I was expecting you to be different,” she confesses. “Like darker.”

Aw, nah, Myla. You weren’t supposed to come out and say that. Enter awkward silence and the swift end to that date.

But does she get a chance to redeem herself? What happens next?

Check out the first webisode and stay tuned for episode 2, which airs January 26.

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  • I never got dissing a man because he wasn’t light skinned. I guess because I like all the types of black men and think his whole you’re the wrong shade for me is stupid.

  • CAsweetface

    Interesting. He had a little snarkiness going on. Is this reality or scripted? I wasn’t sure. He’s really cute and homegirl is crazy!

    • CAsweetface

      Oops…I thought it was ending when I posted my comment but i see it was definitely see it is scripted. I will say I have friends that think light skin men are soft or not as appealing for whatever strange reason. I’ve never been one of those people so I don’t get the rationale. I’m kind of interested in this show now from how it ended…

  • Dee D

    I don’t want to sound insensitive but is this really a thing?
    Do confident, sexy light skinned men get rejected by women? The keyword being confident. From the comments alone on this post it seems like women would be lining up for this man. I have a hard time believing Boris Kodjoe had a hard time getting women even before the fame.
    Of course in middle and high school girls may have teased lighter skinned boys and I think what happens is that rejection sticks with them into their early adult years and their confidence goes down, and no woman is attracted to a man with low self-esteem.
    Although, I can also see that since light skinned men get stereotyped as being pretty boys some women reject them right off the bat thinking that is what they’d be getting themselves into.
    Nonetheless, a friend of mine who previously said she was not attracted to light skinned men is currently dating a light skinned man….a fine man who carries himself like fine man is usually hard to turn down.