Earlier this year Joe Rickey Hundley, 60,  pleaded guilty to slapping a crying black baby on a plane. Yesterday, Hundley was sentenced to 8 months in federal prison.  

Jessica Bennett and her son Jonah, who was 19-months-old at the time, were seated next to Hundley. During the flight, Jonah began to cry.  Hundley told Bennett to “shut that ni**er baby up,” the slapped the child, leaving behind a scratch on the baby’s eye.

Prosecutors had recommended six months in prison. The judge said he imposed a higher sentence in part because of Hundley’s criminal history, which includes a prior assault.

Hundley’s lawyer objected to the deviation from the recommendation in the plea agreement and said after the hearing that she believes the sentence is disproportionate.

I can only imagine how this conversation will end.

White man enters his prison cell and sees his black cell mate.

Black Guy: What are you in for?

White Guy: I slapped a black baby.

Insert awkward silence.



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  • Mama Sunshine

    What kind of low-life would slap a baby, a small person who cannot defend himself? Low-life coward!

  • Ebony

    The baby is adopted by a white couple. In my opinion because of that the baby got justice. I wonder if his parents were black would the court believe them as much as a white couple?

    • I was thinking the same thing. However, let’s be glad that the toddler did get some justice. I remember when the news first broke. Both he and his lawyer were unrepentant. Furthermore, he was convicted for a previous assault and probably got a slap on the wrist for that.

    • Something tells me dude would not have tried that with a black mom.

    • Tara


  • GlowBelle

    Yeah if this monster had slapped my child, he’d have a special meeting with my fist….maybe even that emergency exit, just sucked out and gone. I’m glad this asswipe will be going to prison, and I hope whatever kinds of characters he meets in prison slaps him around. And bless that judge… I just hate that the family had to go through this, but I’m glad the child is okay and that he got justice.

  • I hate that the media keeps using “slapped”. He HIT a baby.

  • Apple

    Federal prison? He assault a baby not embezzled from a company, how he got to go to federal prison and not state prison??

    • Since it occured in-flight, it’s considered a federal crime due to the FAA.