White People Crazy video

Anonymous, Atlanta rapper Rawcus is quickly becoming an Internet sensation with the released of his latest effort, “White People Crazy.”

The song, and its accompanying video, detail some of the zany antics of our pale brethren like duck hunting, pulling painful pranks, Jersey Shore, kissing dogs, and all manner of “weird” things.

Rawcus raps:

Straight Jackets, Trailer Parks/
Country Music, Golf Karts/
Duck Huntin… Guitars/
Watchin Hockey, Nascar/
Ask any white person they know/
About any white person they know/
And they’ll admit that they friend’d admit/
that they know they crazy fo sho (fo sho!)

“White People Crazy” can be found on Rawcus’ EP “Fake It Till You Make It,” which was released last September. But this video—and its accompanying funny montage of White folks acting well, crazy—is sure to make the rapper (who says he will not reveal his identity so he can remain “careful” and honest) a viral celebrity—at least for a few days anyway.

Although some will undoubtedly call his song racist and wonder where’s the “Black People Crazy” response video, Rawcus has a message for his critics: “No offense White people…but…y’all crazy. I still love ya though!”

h/t Buzzfeed & HuffingtonPost

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  • Missy

    Except you know he’s a white boy, right? Rawcus has faxed this to ALL black news and gossip outlets and he is NOT black, he’s WHITE.

  • jay cee

    Here we go again. White person faking, lying, pretending to get the
    Black dollar. I’m glad Missy pulled the cover off this fake.

  • Kam

    Any evidence to back up that claim? Like the actual fax of it or somewhere where it mentions that he is in fact white?

    I think it’s a persona that’s been carefully crafted by a team, rather than an individual. I’ve found his writing style to differ on various websites that he responds to.

    • Me

      at 2:06 in the vid he says “white people they crazy… since they was babies gravy… i remember being in that womb… like let me out i’m going crazy…” that might be his evidence.

  • Anthony

    I did not think it was funny. It’s not hard to go online and find clips of people being stupid. The lyrics suggests someone who cannot appreciate anyone who doesn’t live a “black” life style. NASCAR, hockey, and duck hunting, are fun for people who like it.

    I know I am being too serious, but the idea of making fun of someone who is different from you is something I just don’t like.