For Women Only: Orgasm SchoolAs an adult, have you thoroughly explored your sexuality? I don’t mean exploring as in getting with new partners, but exploring as in making a conscious decision to educate yourself about what gets you off. That could mean trying out new toys, positions, techniques, edible body paint, etc.

Some (and I’ll go out on a limb and say most) of us have not done that. Have you ever had an orgasm? If you’re not sure, you haven’t.  Well, if you have $180 to spare, you’re in luck.  YourTango writer Rachel Khona tried out a six-week orgasm school by OrgasmicBliss.com and she shared the goodies with the YT readers.

Among other things, the course included lessons on kegels, “pussy breathing,” and visualizations.  Khona wasn’t blown away by each lesson, but overall, she felt like she got something out of it. “Maybe Orgasmic Bliss did improve my orgasmic potential by bringing a new level of awareness to my body. Or maybe it was those daily Kegels. One thing is for sure: Next time I need a little orgasmic pick-me-up I won’t be fantasizing about my inner goddess. I’ll be squeezing those muscles instead,” wrote Khona.

If you have $180 to spend and the desire to check it out, by all means, but do know that there are less expensive ways to tap into your inner sex goddess. The higher-end sex toy shops typically offer free courses and demonstrations about products, sex acts and positions. Plus, there’s always good old-fashioned books to learn more about your sexuality.

When’s the last time you dared to be pro-active about your sexual satisfaction and would you plunk down money for orgasm school?

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