30 by 30

Many of us have entertained our own ‘By 30 List.’ While they should, and do serve as a great motivator and timeline that helps keep many moving on their goals, for others the pressure only causes anxiety throughout what’s supposed to be the best years of one’s life. Especially as you inch closer and closer to 30 without crossing off as many milestones as quickly as you would like to. What’s supposed to be a happy birthday with much success achieved ends up being the birthday you remember for all the wrong reasons. All the more annoying, what’s on those lists is not always what you truly want, but rather what society says you should want and when you should have it.

We’re in the age of life on our own terms, and it’s worth checking your ‘By 30 List’ to edit where necessary or ditch altogether, allowing for a more flexible list of goals that makes it achieving them by 31 or 32 just fine.

It’s a tough job market
20-somethings graduating to a tough job market having to take on part-time work. And that if they can find it. It’s fair to accept that the kind of goals, especially those requiring regular funding, may take longer to achieve than others.

Corporate America is under new management
The world of work is currently undergoing a transformation. Getting ahead is not a steady move up the ladder anymore, but more like a mountain climb where you may need to move a little to the right or the left to go where you want to go. With these new rules underway, edits to your career playbook are in order, and that could possibly delay your by 30 plans.

Setbacks happen
There are always lessons to be learned, sometimes the hard way. These lessons are usually gained from living, experience, self-knowledge and–dare I say it–failure. The great thing about failure is it allows you to reassess, edit your goals, chart a new course and come back harder! That may throw your list off.

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