I’m quite sure you’ve noticed things have changed a bit since you’ve last visited Clutch and Coco+Creme. We got a facelift, minus the botox and nose job. In what seems like forever, and with a few technical difficulties over the last couple of days, Clutch’s new look also comes with a few new features. So we’ll break each of those down:

1. You have to login to comment:
Over the last 7 years, Clutch’s comment section has been a free for all. But recently we’ve felt the need to pull in the reigns a bit. For the longest we’ve gone back and forth over the idea of implementing a login system for commenting. For now on, you’ll have to login via one of the options provided to leave a comment. That may make some happy, others not so much. But hopefully it’ll deter those who like to use the comment section as their dumping ground. Which leads me to change number 2.

2. Commenting on Clutch is a privilege – So please be respectful.
Over the last couple of months or so, we’ve noticed a good change when it comes to the comment section. A lot of the caustic comments have been replaced with a little more civil conversation. But there are still things we’re not going to tolerate. So if you happen to not see a comment approved, remember, sure – you have the freedom of speech, and the right to go ham in the comment section, but we also reserve the right to not approve it.

3. Content will be easier to find:
Searching for a particular subject on a site with over 20,000 posts can be a daunting task.. We have been online almost 7 years and we have a lot of content to share and because of that we are in the final stages of retagging and recategorizing our content in order for you to find our content easier.

4. We have a new mobile site:
We’ve heard the complaints about the mobile site, and we’ve thrown away the old one and have a new system. Mobile is available for the following user-agents: iPhone & Mobile, iPod & Mobile, Android & Mobile, BB & Mobile Safari, BlackBerry & Mobile Safari, IEMobile/10.0 & Touch, IEMobile/7.0, IEMobile/9.0, webOS.  Also, for Android and iPhone users, you can add Clutch to your Google Newsstand, buy clicking this link.

5. New Sections: International and Health

We’re gradually adding new sections, but we’re starting a new international and health section. The international section will cover the black diaspora; from Latin America to African countries. Health will focus on fitness, diet and mental wellness.

6. Monthly Editor’s Letter and Feedback from Clutch Team.
Finally, every month you’ll get to see the women behind Clutch. From a monthly post from Clutch’s editorial director, to other interactions from the Clutch team, outside of the daily posts we already provide.

As a final note, we are grateful for all of the readers, commenters, and those who share our content. During Clutch’s continued growth, and being one of the few websites solely owned by a black woman, we appreciate every last one of you.

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