Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 4.33.41 PMFebruary 14th might be the official, greeting card company-sanctioned day to celebrate love, but let’s not limit our romantic gestures to one measly day. For a relationship to truly thrive, romance must be practiced on the daily. Valentine’s Day is a day for gigantic heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, expensive dinners, and crazy lingerie, but look beyond these grand gestures, and you’ll see there are tons of smaller, understated ways to show your love all year long. Here are 75 ideas…

1. Refrain from saying “I told you so.”

2. Call and ask if your partner needs anything when you’re out running errands.

3. Heat up their side of the bed on cold nights.

4. Kiss them when you get up from the dinner table.

5. Send them funny GIFs or pictures that remind you of them.

6. Text good morning and good night when you’re apart.

7. Buy cards on random occasions and leave them as a surprise.

8. Turn the shower on for them when they can’t get out of bed.

9. Read something you love aloud.

10. Make a Spotify mix of “your songs.”

11. DVR their favorite show without being asked.

12. Bring home leftovers from a yummy dinner.

13. Take a picture of something you know they love and text it.

14. Avoid giving advice unless they ask for it and just listen.

15. Buy super soft new sheets.

16. Ignore them when they’re in a foul mood (don’t play into it or try to fix it).

17. Always ask questions, no matter how well you think you know them.

18. Support them in forming strong relationships with friends.

19. Give them alone time.

20. If you’re in a fight about something dumb, be the one to drop it.

21. Clean up the bedroom/kitchen/bathroom without being asked.

22. Go grocery shopping or run other crappy errands together to make it more fun.

23. Make them a cheese board and bottle of wine, just because.

24. Go on a road trip, at least for the afternoon.

25. Take turns picking what movie to go see.

26. Show genuine interest in what they’re doing at work, and ask questions about their boss, coworkers and clients.

27. Come home with a scented candle for the house.

28. Say “sorry” first.

29. Buy his and hers coffee mugs to drink out of.

30. Pick out each other’s pajamas.

31. Shower together as often as possible.

32. Give them a massage after a hard day — body oil, candles, new age music and all.

33. Change your profile pic on their phone so whenever you call them, a funny picture comes up.

34. Tell them you love them too many times.

35. Put a special picture of you together in a fancy frame.

36. Become regulars at a restaurant or coffee shop.

37. Make up a secret handshake.

38. Find out which outfit of yours is their favorite and wear it often.

39. Learn a new skill together.

40. Be brave enough to show them your true self — and to accept their true self completely.

41. Meet for lunch on a weekday, halfway between your offices.

42. Admit when you’re wrong.

43. Read the same book at the same time so you can discuss.

44. Be generous with your dorky petnames.

45. Put away your iPhones when you’re together.

46. Tuck them in when they have to go to sleep before you.

47. Encourage them to spend time alone with their friends.

48. Let them pick your perfume.

49. Replace their favorite office supplies.

50. Deliver them a cup of coffee and a croissant directly to their bed.

51. Call to let them know you got where you were going.

52. Let them know when you’re heading home

53. Calmly help them find their center again when they’re having an “Oh my God my life is falling apart” moment.

54. Go on nature walks together.

55. French kiss in the rain.

56. Give each other foot rubs while you watch your favorite show.

57. Bring them chicken noodle soup and orange juice when they feel crappy.

58. Try your best to like their mom, even if it’s hard.

59. Get the oil changed and fill up the gas tank.

60. Give them a heads up when you’re in a bad mood, so they don’t take it personally.

61. Find a way to be creative together — sing, dance, draw, paint, write.

62. Be kind but honest, always.

63. Meet at a dark, trendy restaurant for dinner.

64. Don’t nag them to do things you can easily do yourself.

65. Give their butt a nickname.

66. Believe in their dreams, even the crazy ones, and whatever you can to help make them come true.

67. Tell them exactly why you love them.

68. Leave little notes around the house for them to find.

69. Root for their favorite sports team.

70. Do the chores they normally do.

71. Pick them up from work when it’s pouring or freezing.

72. Don’t take them for granted, ever.

73. Cook them something every once in a while, even if you can’t cook.

74. Don’t trash them behind their back.

75. Cuddle. Often.


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