Image via (cc) flickr user mysticpolitics

Image via (cc) flickr user mysticpolitics

Comedian Hari Kondabolu isn’t afraid to talk about race. In his upcoming comedy album called “Waiting for 2042” the Indian-American standup confronts the topic head-on.

While Kondabolu often tackles issue of prejudice, race, and racial animus in America during his appearances on Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell, many have accused the 31-year-old Queens native of being “obsessed with race.”

In a snippet from his album, Kondabolu explains that he is not “obsessed” with race because racism in American is commonplace.

He explains: “Saying that I’m obsessed with race and racism in America is like saying that I’m obsessed with swimming while I’m drowning. It’s absurd.”

Kondabolu goes on to discuss the media’s sensational coverage around the estimate that by 2042 White folks will no longer be the majority in America, but will instead clock in at around 49-percent of the population.

Although some White people have freaked out about “the browning of America” (uh, hello Tea Partiers who want their country back) Kondabolu hilariously puts their misplaced fears at ease.

“You were the minority when you came to this country,” he tells Whites troubled by the country’s increased diversity, “things seem to have worked out for you.”

Though funny, Kondabolu makes several serious points about the lack of unity in minority communities who are often just as prejudiced against each other as some White people are to them. The result? The U.S. is still fractured along racial and ethnic lines despite race being a social construct.

But are we too obsessed with race?

Check out Kondabolu’s hilariously honest routine & weigh in below:

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  • Black people better be “obsessed with race” if they know what is good for them. Other groups have the luxury of poking fun at it but we don’t. I read somewhere that everything in this country is based on “not black”. Good school = “not black”, good neighborhood = “not black”, etc.

  • apple

    i know this guy, this is the same guy who told the story of an indian girl he was dating.. he said that she told him “i don’t know if i want you to meet my family, you are too dark” and he responded “i know my comedy is a bit much but i hardly think i’m that bad” and she said “NO, i mean your skin.. its too dark for them”

  • Emma Knight

    I cannot wait until white people in America are a minority. I was lucky enough to live somewhere that was very, very diverse and whites made up about 35% of the population. It was fantastic. White people are much more pleasant to live with when they are in the minority, they are forced to learn about others and not allowed to cling to white doctrine. They actually learn how to tell the difference between different racial groups. They are more polite and respectful. They don’t cringe and back away from racial topics and can actually bring valuable insight to the conversations. They take the time to hear people who have an accent. I am now back in a majority white place and I am miserable. 2024 could not some fast enough for me.