Former NBA basketball player Ben Wallace seems to have strayed during his marriage because his wife put his pregnant side-chick on blast via Twitter this week.   It’s alleged that Chanda created a fake account to confront the pregnant woman, @msindydee, about sleeping with her husband:


According to news reports, earlier this week Ben was involved in a hit and run in his town, and rumor has it, when Ben’s “girlfriend” informed him of her pregnancy, he crashed his truck.

So I get it, you’re married to a man and you find out he got another woman pregnant.  Of course you’re going to be upset, but why go after the other woman? Who knows what the man has been filling the woman’s head with.  “Oh, we’re not together any more”.  “I’m leaving her”. “You’re the only one in my life”.  Instead of confronting the woman angrily, I think it would be easier if you had to approach her, to do it rationally. Hell, get all of the information you can out of her, take it to the nearest divorce attorney and be done.

I’ve been in a similar situations. On both sides of the coin.  During an engagement period, the other woman emailed me out of the blue.  She simply gave me her phone number and said that we should talk. When I called her we were on the phone for 5 hours. There wasn’t any animosity or pointing fingers. We knew who the culprit was. And guess what, we confronted him in person.  Of course he called us crazy, but in the end, I’ve been friends with her ever since.

Then there’s the flip-side, when I’ve found out someone was married, I got in contact with the wife and informed her of what her husband was doing. She had no clue at all.  She asked for pertinent information, and I gave it to her.  She thanked me and we parted ways. I have no clue what ended up happening between the two of them, but days later I did receive an email from the married man thanking me for ruining his life.

Clutchettes, what would you do in the situation? Who should bare the weight of the blame? The other woman or the married man?

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