No one ever said Americans were the brightest light bulbs in the socket.  And during last night’s Coca-Cola Super Bowl commercial, so many Americans proved that point exactly.

In tune with it’s old commercial that captured everyone’s attention with the lyrics “I’d like to teach the world to sing”–Coca-Cola put out another “feel good” commercial, that intended to show the diversity of America. “America the Beautiful” showed us brown, white, straight, gay, young and old people singing in a single voice and different languages.

It wasn’t even the “gay” part that got people riled up. It was the languages being used. Because those dim light bulb Americans really, truly think AMERICA has an official language.

Just look at the “outraged” people on Coke’s Facebook page:

Beth Watson Walker You have lost a life long loyal customer, this ad should have been in english!! We are a melting pot, but need to be held together with shared values and a COMMON language!!!
Noel Bagwell In America, we speak English. Our de facto national language is part of our culture. Singing such a patriotic song in other languages dilutes that culture. Cultural dilution is offensive.
Christina Sallee I am offended by all of the different languages singing America the Beautiful. An American company degrading Americans in that sense. I was watching with a veteran and have several in my family that were offended. They fought for our rights, and to have that song degraded in that matter hurt them.

17,939 comments about a commercial. Out of those comments, it’s safe to say, the majority of them were “white people tears”.  Crying and complaining that they’ll never buy another Coke again.  There was even one person who said she’s swearing off Coke and switching to Sprite.  I didn’t want to be the one to break it to her, that Sprite is a Coke product.

Let’s not forget the Twitter outrage. There was even a #boycottcoke hahstag:

I did feel it was my duty to inform some of the miscreants that the United States doesn’t have an official language:

Official Language of the U.S.

There is no “official” language for the United States, although some individual states list English as their official language. If you would like the United States or your state to adopt an official language, you should contact your elected officials.

So there you have it, if people want the U.S to adopt an official language, they’re advised to contact their elected officials. I’m sure they’re all eager and willing to help out with that.

Go ‘Murica.


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