Olga Lolo
African Digital Art once stated, “Her work is not only beautiful but powerful and intriguing. Adisa Abeba (also known as Olga Lolo) is a passionate musician, photographer and illustrator well known for her original and spell bounding illustrations that focuses on a graphical metaphor.”  Olga Lolo is a multi-disciplined artist who expresses herself through illustration, photography, digital art, painting and music. Lolo grew up in Russia but recently relocated to the country of her birth, Ghana. On the stimulus for her abstract artistic vision she explains  “When the feeling overwhelms me to the extent that I can’t think straight – then in order to free myself from it and come back to my senses, I search for a graphical metaphor to represent what is happening. Most of the times it comes itself, in a sudden flash I see the concept. Then, through drawing I let the emotion go.”

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