If you’re a former or current Comcast customer, chances are you’re pretty dissatisfied with them, to put it mildly. Their shady billing schemes, endless technical snafus and hit, but mostly miss, customer service put Comcast at the bottom of many people’s list – yet their predatory grasp proliferates. They’ve got quite a monopoly going on, and they’re forging right on ahead, taking their greed-based incompetence to new heights. It sounds like some tired ass story line, but right about now it appears the execs at Comcast/Xfinity, or whatever you wanna call them, are trying to take over the world.

Just last year, Comcast consumed NBC/Universal and by all signs, they’re current effort to buy media giant Time-Warner Cable looks very likely to go through, despite staunch opposition. If this merger does go through, ‘Comfinity’ will have an unprecedented total of 30-million subscribers they can freely screw over, and over, and over…

Dig three arguments from AlterNet’s cringe-worthy exploration of the cable monopoly’s crappy record of customer service, profiteering, lobbying and shady political dealings that illustrate why the brakes must be applied to their not so gradual take over.

1. Comcast is considered on of the nation’s worst corporations.
Comcast and Time-Warner are the usual suspects on “worst company” lists and are at the bottom of consumer surveys for subscription TV services. “Consumerist, which ranked it the third worst company in 2013, has a string of reports describing the numerous ways that Comcast rips off subscribers—overpromising and under delivering—including CEO Brian Roberts’s reply last fall blaming his customers for Comcast’s bad reputation, saying that it is noticed only because a giant company like his gets lots and lots of service calls.”

2. Local Cable Already Is A Monopoly
From sheer observation monopolization and sh*tty service go hand in hand. “As most cable users know, cable companies already are a monopoly. There is no alternative provider offering the mix of TV, Internet and phone in most locales,” AlterNet’s Steven Rosenfeld reports. In response to a Forbes piece on the mega-corp, dissatisfied customer Sandi D said, “Comcast is one of the worst companies in this country,” explaining her anguish of being forced to wait nine weeks to resolve an issue – which was ultimately prompted by a letter she sent to the Better Business Bureau.

“Another writer was billed for data speeds that Comcast’s equipment wouldn’t deliver, ‘They are relying on customer’s lack of knowledge to nickel and dime them.’ Commenter Craig Oren said, ‘Half of the [customer service] representatives cannot speak English fluently.’ Other websites have tons of comments following Comcast articles with examples detailing their dreadful experiences with the service, tech support and billing, AlterNet states.

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