3. Their Predatory Pricing Will Reach New Heights
Those familiar with Comcast dealings know they are crafty as hell when it comes to billing. Strange little charges come up randomly, and there’s very little consistency in statement charges from month to month.

“Like big banks, Comcast is always looking for new fees and charges to top off its pricey monthly cost—which is four times as expensive as Europe. Last November, it announced a new $1.50 ‘broadcast TV fee’ would begin in 2014 in addition to the monthly rate, Consumerist reported. ‘Others, like AT&T and Charter have similar tack-on fees, but unlike those companies, which have not benefitted in any way from increased retransmission fees charged by broadcasters, Comcast also happens to own NBC,’ the report claimed, making the point that Comcast already owns much of the content—such as coverage of the Olympics—that it’s charging double for.”

“What will customers receive for this fee? According to TechDirt.com, more commercials, especially when people are watching reruns of old TV series. ‘Basically, Comcast wants to flip the current advertising system upsides-down and have older episodes of primetime shows carrying the same commercial load as the most recent episode,’ the investigation reveals. These are examples of why a deal giving Comcast—already America’s biggest cable company and internet-service provider—more monopoly power is bad for the public.”

It only gets worse from here, I’m afraid. Check AlterNet for the entire list that illustrates why we as citizens should be very concerned about telecom monopolization, the information we receive, and more importantly, the source(s) providing it.

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