Parents of students at a Bridgeport, Conn. school are upset that a principal wasn’t fired after cameras caught her on camera dragging a 5-year-old down the hallway.  Carmen Perez-Dickson, the principal at Tisdale Elementary School, was captured on surveillance video dragging two kindergartners on separate occasions along a school hallway floor in the spring of 2012. Perez-Dickson was put on a six month suspension, but parents want her fired instead.

According to an ABC News, Nakeya Hargrove wasn’t notified about the incident until months after it happened.

“After seeing the videos, she dragged my daughter like she was some kind of animal,” said Hargrove. “Who in their right mind let a principal go back to any school in Bridgeport and be a principal again?” she  said.

School board members are still torn on what the outcome should have been.

Chief Administrative Officer Sandra Kase says the principal should have been fired regardless of her more than 30 years with the district. Instead the principal received a 6 month unpaid suspension, and then return to work in an administrative job.

“Principals are supposed to be protectors of children, they’re not supposed to hurt children,” Kase said.

Kase says it is only acceptable to restrain a child if the student is a danger to themselves or others. Kase also said that it would be up to the superintendent if Perez-Dickson could return to another school in the district as principal.

Clutchettes, do you think the principal should be allowed back in the school?

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  • MimiLuvs

    When it comes to these reported incidents where a teacher/any other administrative staff does something inappropriate to a child, I will become very angry.

  • SayWhat

    When I was a kid it was OK for everyone to discipline you, but those days are gone now, so I would never treat a child like this.
    As already observed, those kids look small so I would pick them up under the arms instead of mopping the floor with them. While I could not see the face of the other child, I’m betting she’s also black which is why this woman wasn’t fired on the spot, because I’d love to see you explain to a white mother why her child was treated worse than an animal.

  • anichole

    As an educator of small children you honestly don’t know the other side of this story. There are times when I have to pull a 6 year off of another child because they are trying to harm others. Kids will literally shut their bodies down and scream down hallways. All I’m saying is unless you were there don’t condemn this woman just yet.

    • Jenn

      Here’s my thing; this seems like a policy problem. You can see that the child is flopping to the ground as a way of not going where she’s supposed to go. If that was the case at the start of the incident then she needed *some* kind of escort. However *dragging* the child isn’t appropriate. After managing the classroom a two person method could have been used to ensure safety and, frankly, restore dignity to the child. Then it should have been documented properly and the parent notified- not swept under the rug.

  • 2NatuRho

    As a substitute teacher in inner city schools, I completely understand. Unless you’ve been in a teaching environment in inner city (hell, any kind of school these days) schools dealing with this generation, please keep your “how dare she…” to yourselves. When it comes to situations where kids are endangering others as well as their selves and completely resisting authority, then what? Call the police every time because a child decides to have a temper tantrum??

  • geenababe

    Don’t know where my comment went on this story but to make it short. I don’t think this woman should be fired. I have been a student and I have dated a teacher and kids can be tough now days. It doesn’t help when some of the parents only want to be trouble or talk about their child when something like this happens.