It’s no secret; we love Elixher (we even wrote about it, too)!

But we fell head-over-heels again when they recently shined a light on 25 beautiful, Black lesbian couples in advance of Valentine’s Day.

The roundup, which shows women and their partners/wives/girlfriends of various ages, depict a side of Black couples we rarely see. Too often, when the conversation turns to LGBT rights and issues, Black women are left out, but Elixher puts these sisters front and center where they belong.

As fans of Black Love—in every form—we were touched to see our queer sisters expressing their humanity in such a public and touching way.

Take a look at a few of our favorites:

View all 25 images over on Elixher

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  • Naps93!

    Love it!

  • ronnie

    Yes!! Love is love! And Black love is so beautiful!

  • LN


  • Soooo..is Clutch a lesbian site now? It seems as so much of the articles are geared toward homosexuality now….

    • Yesha Callahan

      Clutch is a site for all women, regardless of their orientation.


    • CAsweetface

      My same thought and same question…

    • Yesha Callahan
    • Mark

      As a straight black man, some of the comments in regards to the LGBT community on this site disappoint me. But aren’t surprising.

      Please tuck in your hate/homophobia slip.

      Kudos to Clutch for covering “ALL” the aspects of WOMEN.

      Thank you, Yesha for the link! Great post.

    • cupcakes and shiraz

      What is wrong with having LGBT articles on Clutch? Straight people aren’t the only ones who frequent the site, you know?

      And if you aren’t a fan of the articles you could, you know…keep it scrolling? No one is forcing you to read something you don’t want to read.

  • Free Speech

    ….And no comments disagreeing with that orientation will be allowed.

    • CAsweetface

      Exactly… Free Speech.