While America purports itself to be an inclusive nation, a recent Gallop poll suggests that may not be the case.

According to the survey, Americans would happily vote for a Black, female, Catholic, Hispanic, or Jewish presidential candidate—to the tune of more than 90-percent—but only half would be comfortable pulling the lever for a Muslim or Atheist candidate.


Gallop reports:

“While more than nine in 10 Americans would vote for a presidential candidate who is black, a woman, Catholic, Hispanic, or Jewish, significantly smaller percentages would vote for one who is an atheist (54%) or Muslim (58%). Americans’ willingness to vote for a Mormon (80%) or gay or lesbian (68%) candidate falls between these two extremes.”

While Atheist and Muslim candidates were least likely to be chosen for America’s highest office, younger voters were more apt to vote for them than their older counterparts—to the tune of over 70-percent for voters ages 18-29, to just around 40-percent (and only 34% for Muslim candidates) for voters ages 65 and over. Moreover, according to Gallop, as society has become more inclusive over the years, citizens have become more accepting. So having an Atheist or Muslim president may happen in the near future.


How about you? Would you vote for an Atheist or Muslim presidential candidate?

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  • Most Americans don’t know who they are voting for. The people running for office say and do anything to get votes and sold their souls to even get a meeting with the kingmakers. So that poll doesn’t mean much.

  • Lynne

    I’m an atheist, and I know that if I ever ran for ANY office, there’s a damn good chance I wouldn’t get elected.

    Having said that, I know how some other atheists are going to spin this study, and I don’t like it.

    Most atheists are affluent white men, and polls like this make these privileged people believe they have a prominent — if not THE most prominent — seat on the Victimology Tour. They already yelp the “Atheists are the most hated group in America” meme whenever they can. I find this trend so annoying.

  • geenababe

    People say they will vote from one type of person on paper but when they actually get into the voting booth they will actually vote with whom they are more comfortable with. With that being said I have no problem voting for a Muslim or an Atheist, I mean they all either lie or make up promises they can’t keep to get in office anyway.