Let’s treat this as a guided meditation, shall we? Imagine that you’ve bought a Powerball ticket offering a jackpot that would place you in financial paradise fo’ life. Imagine you, and only you, won this obscene amount of greenery: How might you react? What may be the first thing you do? Most importantly, how would you manage/spend your new found wealth? Since I’m not terribly fond of approaching strangers, I decided to poll family and friends, on the fly, to get insight into what folks would do if endowed with proper disposable income.

Renata said:
“I would travel, and I would buy a gorgeous vacation house in Brazil and just kick it there every summer – with a full time nanny of course. [Renata’s a fellow writer and mommy of 2 children under 3). My philanthropic side would do something for orphans or women. Some kind if business to empower women so they would have the means to support their children.”

Josh spoke with frank clarity:
“I would do some diverse investing. I would also travel.”

Lana replied:
“I would want to build a tricked out community center for college students to intern, farmers and skilled professionals of all types to teach, kids to learn, and seniors a place to go to and stay active. My facility would totally be self-sustainable, tax deductible with pools, farmland, solar wind and steamed power. There would also be art, movie and acting theaters plus every sport known to mankind.”

Alex would:
“Start a movie production company in one of the worlds three largest movie markets.”

Similarly, Mateo would:
“Purchase a castle/farm/old factory for sanctuary of arts, theater space and film studio.”

Leah told me that the first thing she would do was get herself an attorney, set up trusts for her 3 kids, pay off all her debts, put some aside as a safety net and buy property (in full) all over the world.

When asked, Deniece said that at least 2 things on her list are the latest Mercedes-Benz G Class wagon and a Tempur-Pedic, king sized adjustable bed.

Janet told me she would buy a beautiful, big house, a Range Rover and provide a highly comfortable quality of life for her hubby & 3 children, including plenty of family vacations.

What would Sky do? Here it goes:

Number one, pay off debt! Then buy a fabulous house in Maui right next to the beach with a room for every activity you can imagine: A workout room, library, movie room, writing sanctuary, music room and a large space where my boys can run buck wild, safely. An infinity pool is a must, as is a Tempur-Pedic (the bigger the better). I also require one of those showers with at least 4 showerheads strategically placed along the wall, as well as bathrooms with heated toilets and high tech bidets complete with an air dryer (ha!). Basically our whole lives would be one big vacation filled with philanthropic and creative activities. Speaking of philanthropy, I’d hook up my close family and friends, then my favorite radio station KPFA, followed by other near and dear charities.

So let’s hear it. What would you do if you came into a massive fortune – dream big!

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