When you’re black, it doesn’t matter how famous you are, or if you’re on a top rated TV show, or even if you’re the reigning “Dancing With The Stars” champion, it doesn’t make you immune to racism.  It doesn’t even matter if it’s Black History Month.

And that’s exactly what actress and singer Amber Riley recently learned.

Riley recently vented on her Instagram account about how a gesture of kindness turned into a moment of realization:


“”Fucking monkeys still doing tricks master taught them. Thinking she can speak to me. Their day is coming” I walked in and grabbed my gloves and said “have a blessed night ladies”. I forgot this type of ignorance still existed. I didn’t even for a moment think the reason she looked at me with such disdain was because I was black. I forgot everyone isn’t as free as the rest of us mentally. That’s why I thank God for black history month, it reminds me of how far we have all come in the states. It keeps me encouraged in moments like this. I wasn’t even angry, I was sad. She’ll never know the friends she may miss because she can’t get pass something as inconsequential as color. I am so glad that I was taught to love beyond my differences to others. Thanks mom and dad. I could never live a life of such ignorance. Now I’m going to go sit at a table for dinner with all different colors and races and laugh and talk with my friends. Happy Black History Month, let’s continue to grow together “

It goes without saying, Riley handled the situation with class.

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