Jamie FoxxJamie Foxx is still doing his part to help keep Trayvon Martin’s memory alive. On Saturday, the actor/singer led a peace walk through the streets of Miami.

Hundreds of people joined Foxx and members of Martin’s family to rally against gun violence, close to the 2 year anniversary of Martin’s murder at the hands of George Zimmerman.

Addressing the crowd, Foxx, wearing a T-shirt featuring a photo of Trayvon, explained his reasons for continuing to lend his voice to the cause, stating, “They say ‘Jamie why you got that Trayvon Martin shirt on? That ain’t in no more.’ I say, ‘Well, Trayvon Martin’s still dead; and his mother still grieves, his father still grieves, his brother is still wondering ‘Where’s my brother at?'”

The Oscar winner insisted he was not there as an activist, and instead as a father and a gun owner as he called for more discussion about responsible gun ownership across America.

He said, “What we are all supposed to do is protect our kids no matter what. We’re in a culture where things are sort of getting out of control… We’re starting to forget that guns actually kill. We’re starting to get desensitised to it. How can we be a society with guns, and responsible with guns? How can we be more responsible?”

Foxx, who previously held a candle-lit vigil in New York to remember Martin on the one-year anniversary of his death, also declared the rally was “not about race nor color, but peace for our children”.

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