Over the last 24 hours since Creshuna Miles, aka Juror #8,  revealed herself, many people have had their say about her.  But the opinions that matter the most belong to Jordan Davis’ parents.

According to Miles, race played no part in the jury’s verdicts against Michael Dunn, the man responsible for killing Jordan Davis and injuring others in the parking lot of a Jacksonville, Fl gas station.  But Davis’ parents have their own opinion on Miles’ comments.

 During an interview with  CNN’s Anderson Cooper Thursday night, Davis’ parents said Miles’ comments weren’t genuine.

“I don’t think she’s being genuine,” Ron Davis said. “For her as an African-American female to go into this case, with this type of evidence, with this type of rage, with [Dunn] saying ‘thug music,’ how can you as a juror not think this is about race?

“Before you even met Jordan, before you even looked at Jordan, looked at his clothes or anything else, you heard rap music, and so you assume it’s all African-Americans in the car, and you said, ‘I hate that thug music.’ So it is about race.”

“I think she didn’t want it to be about race,” Davis’ mother, Lucia McBath, added. “I think she really hoped that that was not an element of it. But it’s always been an element of what happened in our case.”

McBath also felt surprised for Miles to say that Dunn seemed like a “nice” guy.

“That was very surprising,” McBath said. “Because in my mind nice guys don’t shoot unarmed teenagers.”

“If she thought he was a nice guy, that tells me she wasn’t paying attention to the testimony,” Ron Davis said. “When Miss Rouer testified, he never said that there was a weapon in the car. No gun, no stick, bottle, anything. And he drove to the hotel, ate pizza, drove back to his home the next day. Not one time did he say there was a weapon, and who would do that? If someone threatened you with a shotgun you would tell the closest person to you … [He] never said one word, never dialed 911. That doesn’t sound like a good person.”

View the segment below:

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  • RJ

    Amen.Creshuna Miles must be a long lost cousin of Clarence Thomas.

    She suffers from the same delusion. If you look at it from a psychological standpoint, I can guarantee that she has been subjected to plenty of racism, from without the race and sadly,from within.

    She is trying to cope with a world that is probably not very kind to her, so she has made up a fantasy world where race is not an issue.

    The other juror said that there were 3 holdouts, is she one of the not guilty for murder holdouts?

  • MimiLuvs

    I feel… content in hearing Mr. and Mrs. Davis state their honest opinions. I am glad that they didn’t take the “P.C.-head in the sand” road by giving stoic statements and not discussing anything that pertained to racism.
    In regards to “Juror #8”:
    She reminds me of the character “Carlton” from the sitcom “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” during the episode when Will and he was arrested because two officers thought they had stolen a car. The car was own by the colleague of Uncle Phil, Carlton’s father.
    She reminds me of the moment that occurred before ending credits rolled across the screen. It was the scene where Carlton and Will were discussing the true reason why those two police officers stopped them. Carlton believed it was because of a minor traffic violation (not stopping at a ‘Stop’ sign, I believe) while Will believed it was because of a case of “DWB”. The dialogue between the two characters and their interaction reminds me of Juror #8’s interview.
    Before Trayvon Martin was murdered, I’ve noticed that most Black teens that I’ve interacted with have this mindset that is very admirable, but dangerous in my opinion. They are too carefree with their behavior and their actions. I know that it is typical teenager behavior, but when you’re a Black teenager, it will not be judge as ‘typical teenager behavior’. Take for example: the Jordan Davis murder and the Trayvon Martin murder. Both teens displayed typical teenager behavior. Hell, they displayed typical human being behavior which was “ignoring an entitled, power-hungry a$$hole”. But, it cost two teens their lives.

    • RJ

      Fantastic observation. I remember that episode as well. The fact that a black teenagers (boys and irls) are being saddled with this black tax at a time in life where they are supposed to be carefree, makes this even more anguishing.

  • geenababe

    Like I said on the last article, I don’t understand where the jury is coming from. I have notice that Davis’ parents seem to be a little more outspoken then Trayvon. Not saying that is good or bad, just something I notice.

  • The Other Jess

    I know Jordan’s parents are hurting, but calling rap music “thug music” does not legally show any form of racism. There are a lot of Black people that call rap music thug music, especially older ones. I don’t understand how we can be so up in arms and turn this jury case into “let’s hate the uneducated black girl” again. the case should have been fought on the fact that an unarmed, nonthreatening teen was shot by an irresponsible and violent adult. Period. Racism has nothing to do with this case – even if Dunn is a racist! The similarities to this case and Adrian Braodview are striking but nobody is calling the Black man who killed a little Black girl a violent racist – even though he may be, especially since there are now documented so many Black men who hate black girls/women (see youtube for an example). But race shouldn’t matter in the outcome of the Broadway case either if that was not the overarching cause for the crime.
    In the Davis case, as in the Broadview case, violent men with short tempers and access to easy weaponry is the cause of the crime. Yes, juror 8 is ignorant for thinking this guy is nice, but at the same time let’s not turn this case into blame a black woman for a crime she had nothing to do with. how about looking into the lawyers who chose a woman who was obviously not that prepared for court.

    • The Other Jess

      Pardon, Broadview = Broadway

  • noirluv45

    Oh, the Internet is ablaze with comments about Juror #8. They are attacking her personally and for her comment.

    Someone said that maybe she downplayed the racial aspect because of the upcoming trial. I don’t know, but I can truly say she’s delusional to think this wasn’t about race. She better wake up from her Rip Van Winkle sleep. Denial isn’t going to make racism go away.