To honor Black History Month, filmmaker Janks Morton teamed up with the folks over at Black and Married With Kids to dispel some of the myths that continue to plague Black America.

In the first episode of the Truths You Won’t Believe, Morton broke down the false idea that there are more Black men in prison than there are in college, and in this clips he trains his stats on Black women.

While many buy into the negative images of Black women—baby mamas, ratchet, welfare queens—Morton argues that what we see on social media couldn’t be further from the truth.

According to the Department of Education, over 50-percent of Black women ages 18-24 are currently enrolled in college. Though more Black women are pursuing their education at higher rates than ever before, this is one statistic we won’t ever hear about on TV or in the mainstream media.

Morton explains why it’s so important:

“We need to take a moment and celebrate this historic achievement. CNN won’t cover this, FOX News definitely has no interest. If we do not begin to share our own stories, uplift and elevate our own accomplishments, then we are destined to continually see reruns of “Good Times”, Ignorant and Vile Rappers, denigrating reality shows and numerous other skewed portrayals of modern era Black Identity, further narrowing the perceptions of African Americans as the disproportionate exhibitors of least desirable behaviors in this society.”

We agree.

Check out Truths You Won’t Believe and tell us what you think.

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  • @ TR

    I’m not sure so sure for all ethnic groups.

  • Kylie

    So STEM is where it’s at huh? Y’all are making me feel bad for my major.

    • Yb

      There’s always graduate school. I’m studying finance as an ungraduate and when I get my bachelors I plan to pursue a degree in technological engineering.

    • Kam

      Consider yourself lucky that you’re able to consider this so early in your learning. Unless you’re able to go to college completely debt free I strongly suggest looking to a major or minor that will get you a good paying job that you enjoy or at least learn skills that will make you marketable in your current major. Regardless of your field, knowledge of some tech like programming, web design or app making will help. Looking at job listings now will help you determine your focus.

  • GG

    Can we see the breakdown of majors as well; if you can find them please?

  • Beautiful Mic

    I’m currently in college as well as going for a certification. In two, or less, years i’ll look have my bachelors degree in business. I will pursue a masters degree in either marketing, psychology, information sciences, communications or management.

  • I’m attending Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana and I am graduating in May 2014…on TIME with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism!!! YAY!! I will be a corps member for Teach for America in Houston, Texas starting in June. I aspire to become an investigative education reporter, striving to tell the true stories about the educational disparities in African American and [email protected] communities.

    Much love to all my sistas out there getting that education!


      but Black women are crazy