Lauryn Williams’ goal this winter was to bring home a medal and now she’s the  fifth Olympian to ever medal in both the Winter and Summer Games. Williams and her bobsled partner Elana Myers, won the silver medal in the two-woman bobsled event this evening in Sochi.

According to Yahoo News, the two women lost to the Canadian team by .1 seconds.  Williams already owns two gold medals from the 2012 London Games as a member of the U.S relay team.

Williams was encouraged to try out for the team by Lolo Jones, who hasn’t fared well at all in the Winter Olympics games.  Williams’ Team USA teammates, Jamie Greubel and Aja Evans came in third, bringing home the bronze.

Congrats to Team USA!


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  • The Other Jess

    Yay for them! I’m so glad that they medaled since the U.S. bobsled teams were overwhelmingly comprised of Black women. Another great “f*ck you” and “in ya face” win to the haters of Black women. But I wish the standings weren’t printed before the TV broadcast – such a spoiler!

  • ldjkf

    I know elana! Or at least I know here sister and went to high school with both. She is super athletic in almost every aspect lol

  • geenababe

    Good for them, it wasn’t fair to them that one of their teammates was taking all of the spotlight.

  • Carmen

    Congrats to the whole US women bobsled team! How awesome is it for women of color to be taking over the Winter Olympics??!!!! Then kick more butt in the Summer Olympics! Can’t wait

  • Anthony

    Congratulations to Lauryn Williams! Her teammate Elana Myers is a sister too, isn’t she?

    On a side note, this Olympics has to be the end of the road for Lolo Jones. She will be 33 or so for the next summer games, and I don’t see how she can taken seriously as a contender anymore.