Last January, cops arrived to Krystle Silvera’s Brooklyn home looking for her ex-boyfriend who may have violated an order of protection. Silvera’s mother, whose health issues prevented her from understanding what the cops were there for, answered the door.  Because there was confusion while the grandmother was dealing with the cops, Silvera’s 10-year-old son, Courtney, decided to capture the scene on his cell phone.

Unfortunately, Courtney filmed the wrongs cops at the wrong time.

“The police had come to our house before (due to the domestic violence complaint) and he’s fascinated by the police, he looks up to them,” Silvera, 30, a nursing student at Long Island University, told the Daily News.

In a lawsuit filed against the NYPD, records show that the cop kicked Courtney in the shin, causing him to break his leg.

Silvera says she heard the commotion and was half-dressed when she ran down the stairs to see what was going on. She was then grabbed by an officer and her breast flung out of her shirt, exposing a pierced nipple.

“The officer flicked the piercing, he flicked the ring up with his finger on my right breast,” she said. “He said, ‘Is this what mothers look like these days?’

“My neighbors saw me naked. It was degrading. I can deal with the embarrassment of what (the police) did to me in front of my neighbors, but the hardest thing is explaining to my kids that not all police are bad,” she added.

Silvera was charged with assaulting the cops and released two days later on $1,500 bail.

“I’ve seen a lot of police brutality cases, but nothing as low as this, kicking a 10-year-old boy,” said the family’s lawyer, Anthony Ofodile.

Silvera, who later pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct, is seeking unspecified monetary damages for the alleged civil rights violations.

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