Sunday, during the Nation of Islam’s annual convention, Minister Louis Farrakhan called for black Americans to set up their own court system based on the Bible and Quran to replace a U.S. legal system he accused of racial bias.

“We want equal justice under the law,” Farrakhan said. “Our people can’t take much more. We have to have our own courts.”

Farrakhan’s remarks comes on the heels Michael Dunn being acquitted of first degree murder in the death of Jordan Davis. Farrakhan also denied being anti-semetic during his speech as well.

“Did Jesus have a problem with the Jews of his day? He’s not a hater. Neither am I,” he said. “I don’t hate Jewish people … what I hate is evil.”

Farrakhan placed the onus on Hollywood “Satan is in control of Hollywood,” which he says is practically ran by Jewish people.

Not everyone is in agreement with Farrakhan’s black court system:



Clutchettes, what do you think about Farrakhan’s idea of a black court system?

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  • Minister Farrakhan is on point! And anyone arguing against a SEPARATE court system hasn’t paid attention to the last 150 years of our history in the U.S.A
    To the poster that wrote Minister Farrakhan doesn’t have solutions, I invite him and everyone else to go to:
    Also, stop waiting for white media to inform you and begin listening to Minister Farrakhan yourself. Read the Final Call news paper online and check out the Minister 58 part series The Time & What Must Be Done…and then come back and talk to me. Peace

  • CommonSense

    He may have a point, although I am not sure how that could happen. But I know one thing, h was extremely on point when he said we need to support black businesses so at w can become economically independent!!!!!! People need to see the big picture. Blacks need to STOP giving away their power!!!!!! Your money is your ballot (power) Think about that!!!

  • ALM

    This sounds good in theory. In reality, there are a lot of Clarence Thomas types in America. They appear to be for the African American community based on physical appearance, but their hearts are very far away from the community. It’s hard to know who these people are because they are often slick enough to wait until they are in power to show their hand.

    This court that Farrakhan proposes would unfortunately probably end up with a lot of people (as I describe above) serving on the court.

  • Buttons

    He proposed establishing a “ministry of justice” at the millions more movement and I thought it was an excellent idea then and I think so now. I believe that when one of us, and particularly someone like Farrakhan, comes up with creative and constructive ways to advance our community we should lend our support and offer positive suggestions before we dismiss or reject the idea.

    The fact of the matter is that we have the manpower and the economic power, and plenty of skilled and educated people in our community where we can set up our own systems of government. But we have to first relinquish our negative patterns of thinking and behavior. This has to stop- it is killing us. Those comments are ridiculous and that’s why we can’t prosper as a community because we have been psychologically trained to act against our own best interest. Our black boys are being shot in cold blood and their white murderers are walking around free as a bird while our children lay in their graves and you got folks making silly a$$ comments like it’s a damn joke. This is serious. Just as Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, Oscar Grant’s, etc. parents.

  • Supreme

    I believe in what Farrakhan is saying. It may seem farfetched but it’s time for us to start thinking outside the box if we want better for ourselves and the next generation to come. Blacks must re-educate themselves so we can build a fair system that justly serves and protect.