Recently, a “poem” called “I’m Sorry I’m Not Idris Elba” began circling social media and we all had a great laugh. The piece, which apparently was originally posted by a user name @Nova_isig (the account has since been closed), got passed around by both women and men who were amused by this person’s obsession with Big Driis.

Like most internet sensations, I expected the meme to quickly die down, but it looks like some fellas just won’t let it go.

Men took to Twitter in droves to complain about being taken for granted–despite being good friends/boyfriends/husbands–because they aren’t Idris Elba.

In fact, so many men felt the need to tap into their own, “I’m sorry I’m not Idris” moment that it became a worldwide trending topic. Seriously.

And it was hilarious.

Take a look:













Idris Elba has yet to weigh in on the topic, but we’re pretty certain he’s NOT sorry for being himself.


Update: Looks like Idris finally caught on to the topic, and as I suspected, he’s not sorry for being so fly.

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