Michael B. Jordan, 27, is said to be a rising star in Hollywood, but if this past year is an indication of success, he’s on a shooting star. Jordan, a native of Newark, N.J., is set to star as Johnny Storm/The Human Torch in Fox Studio’s reboot of the “Fantastic Four”.

Jordan, whose recent success includes the groundbreaking “Fruitvale Station”, will be joined by Miles Teller ( Mr. Fantastic), Kate Mara (the Invisible Woman), and Jamie Bell (as The Thing).

The first reboot of the “Fantastic Four” included Jessica Alba as part of the cast, and included a sequel, “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer”.

But what seems like a chance at good superhero role, doesn’t sit well with some fans of the franchise.

Johnny Storm/Human Torch has always been depicted as a white guy, in both the comics and the previous movies, but of course Jordan isn’t white. Even in the movie, Johnny’s sister will still be played by a white actress (Mara), which has caused those with low brain cells to go “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?”.

Hey, who says that a black guy can’t be cast in a role that has been depicted as a white person in the comics? It’s not like it’s the first time it’s happened.  White people lost their ever-loving minds when they found out Amandla Stenberg, a black girl, was cast to play Rue. They swore that they wouldn’t support the movie, but the box office numbers proved otherwise.

Here’s the thing. What people need to do is  to come  to terms with the concept of blind casting. Jordan being cast in a role that was always portrayed by a white person, is a step in the right direction.  If more studios made moves like this, imagine how many more black actors could be put to work.  Who knows, maybe the next Incredible Hulk could be played by someone like The Rock or insert the random name of another black actor with bulging biceps.

Either people choose to get on the post racial casting bus, or get left behind watching the old Fantastic Four movies, which included a Latina in the lead role. Oops, guess they didn’t realize that.

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