A New Jersey high school’s wrestling team is currently under investigation by the New Jersey Interscholastic Athletic Association (NJIAA) after a photo surfaced showing Phillipsburgh High wrestlers gathered around a practice dummy they hung from the ceiling. Allegedly, the dummy was hung in effigy of a black wrestler from Phillipsburg’s rival school, Paulsboro High School.

The dummy in the photo is wearing a Paulsboro High School jersey, which also has a large black student population and wrestlers.

Paulsboro Interim Superintendent Walter Quint says he has decided to use this as a teachable moment.

Dr. Quint says, “This is an example where we can show our students what a big mistake you can make by posting things online that you haven’t thought about.”

The photos racial overtones – whether intended or not – has state authorities looking into the matter.

The NJIAA released a statement in regards to the incident:

“We have asked Phillipsburg administrators to provide a report of the incident to NJSIAA by no later than noon on Thursday. The report will help NJSIAA determine what further actions, if any, will be taken.”

The NJSIAA has also reported the incident to the state attorney general’s office and the division of civil rights.

The Phillipsburg School district’s superintendent George Chando, stated:

“The incident reported is a student matter dealing with minors. An investigation was undertaken, and upon conclusion of the investigation actions were taken by the District consistent with its policies.”

What most people are quick to point out is that  wrestling practice dummies only come in dark colors, so it’s quite possible that the team didn’t mean any “harm or foul” about it. Regardless of that fact, I’m not willing to give the Junior KKK a pass.

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  • Saramel

    They KNOW that being racist and white doesn´t have any consequences for them and they are right.Everyday you read a story with the same issue and what we learn and they learn is the same message:” You can be white and racist and your people will protect you by all means.Even some black people will find all sorts of excuses to not admit what is actually going on.”

    • geenababe


    • Deidrah

      Actually, some of the garbage white racists do gets caught.These @ holes were not “caught” but some are.

  • geenababe

    I just read an article that 8 students were suspended relating to the picture and that they won’t compete in the Championship match.

  • Zoeann

    “The teachable moment was not to post things online that your haven’t given much thought of,” heck no, that wasn’t the teachable moment, so it would have been ok, if these fools were smart enough not to post it online, if they were smart enough not to expose their bigotry for all the world to see. The moment was long ago when they were not taught by their parents not to be bigots. These parents are just not doing a very good job of teaching their son’s. When will they begin to take the time necessary to raise these boys…it happens time and time again.

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