Nicki Minaj is known for her over-the-top, cartoonish looks, but the rapper recently gave her Instagram followers a peek at her real self.

While preparing for a shoot (or a show?) Minaj ditched her blonde weave and candy-colored wigs and let her natural hair shine.

Stretching her long ponytail into the air Minaj wrote, “No perm. No extensions,” while posing in a plain white t-shirt and Cleopatra-style makeup.

Black women with long (or short or medium) hair is nothing new (I mean, there’s a whole blog dedicated to it), but some of the comments caught me off guard. Though most people encouraged Nicki to show off this “real” side of herself more often, others admitted they didn’t think it was possible for Black women to have long hair (and some thought Minaj “was baldheaded.”)

Listen folks, wigs, weaves, braids, and protective styles have been used to help Black women grow and maintain our hair for years. Just because a woman chooses to wear one of these styles doesn’t mean she doesn’t have any hair; it could just mean she’s trying to keep her tresses healthy. Don’t believe me? I’ll let Aunt Oprah school you.

What do you think of Nicki’s “natural” look? Should she rock her own hair more often?

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