obamaandblackkidToday President Obama will reveal details about his new initiative called “My Brother’s Keeper”. During his recent State of the Union, Obama stated that his goals would be to “reach out to some of America’s leading foundations and corporations to help more young men of color facing tough odds stay on track and reach their full potential.”

“My Brother’s Keeper” will offer “every young man of color who is willing to work hard and lift himself up an opportunity to get ahead and reach his full potential,” according to a White House official.

The initiative has two major aspects:

The first part involves a group of business and foundation leaders who have come together around implementing and testing strategies in various cities that zero in on key moments in the lives of young men – times where interventions have shown the most impactful results. That includes making sure the children are ready to learn once they get to school and keeping them out of the criminal justice system.

The second element is an internal effort within the federal government that will focus on using results and evidence to evaluate what has worked and what hasn’t. This component will use existing federal resources and the information learned will be shared with the public in hopes of spreading best practices.

But where’s “My Sister’s Keeper”?

I fully understand the president’s goals with his new initiative, but in order for the African-American community to improve as a whole, we have to be treated as a whole community. Both young men and women of color should be provided the same opportunities in order benefit each other in the future.  I’m quite sure there are young girls and women out that feel just as disenfranchised as men, and who deal with the same issues.

Sure, young women of color are making strides when it comes to education and business, but that’s not to say things can’t be improved.  Hopefully before his presidency is up, Obama will realize that in order to have millions of Michelle Obamas in the world, “My Sister’s Keeper” will also become an initiative as well.


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  • SayWhat

    This is not a trolling article. This article is highlighting the fact that ‘all blacks are men and all women are white’ (as someone already pointed out). Whenever an initiative is created for the black community, it is male focus, black women are suppose to help bm and simultaneously help ourselves…….by ourselves.

    Someone pointed out the deaths of two bm by racist whites as justification for this marginalization, but as usual, forgot the death of Rashida McBride. That is what this article is designed to point out, leaving us out even though we suffer the same fate…… black people are under attack, not just bm.

    There has never in the history of this country been a single ill that has affected bm only, whether it’s having to do the same work during slavery or lynchings or police brutality or stop and frisk, bw have always been treated as men and not women to be protected. BW are in the same boat as bm, we just succeed more (in some areas) because it is expected that we have to suck it up and just do it. Thank goodness more bw are saying the hell with that mentality and calling it out.

  • Tee

    The thing is black men are not salvation for black women.
    So even if black men are educated or have jobs this does NOT mean black women will benefit at all outside of maybe their mothers or sisters.And even that is circumstantial.

    So it makes all the sense in the world for black women to be self focused at all times.Especially those who don’t have black male children or husbands.Seeing as though it is not very likely for them to benefit in almost any way from black men doing better.

    There has also been a failure to address the fact that not everything bad that happens to black women happens at the hands of uneducated poor black men.There are educated,employed black men who go out of their way to make life more difficult for black women and they also don’t feel it is their responsibility to do anything to help black women either.I think Obama has shown he is one of them throughout much of his Presidency.He has not done much of anything to specifically help black women as he has done with The LGBTQ community,Immigrants and now black men and boys.

    If nothing else I hope that black women would learn a lesson from this.Many black women rush to vote for black male candidates who probably don’t even think of them unless they need votes. I hope that black women will learn to look at black men candidates as they would anyone else. Before they vote for them ask how will this person getting into office benefit me and what in this man’s past shows that he is concerned for issues that affect me. I also hope to possibly see more black women candidates or more black women forming alliances and communities with each other and others.

    • Brad

      I would put up The presidents record on addressing woman’s issue and black woman’s issue against any president. There have been many targeted programs that he has pushed to benefit woman including black woman in health care, education, families and advancing woman’s right.

      His campaign articulated many of these things, so black woman did not go out uniformed about what he wanted to do. Black woman voted for him twice, not because he was black but, because they were indeed informed.

    • Michelle Obama

      As well, why not address Michelle Obama regarding this.

      He married a Black woman who now has full power to do something to the benefit of Black females.

      I say as Black women we need to implore his wife to support us. That’s the better way to go and smarter fight in my opinion. Pres. Obama is a man so he, like many men, think in terms of issues that affect them first.

      We are in the unique position of having a Black woman in direct connection to power. We need to take this opportunity and tap into that.

      You know what I would like to see, more targeted initiatives within Michelle Obama’s health campaign, maybe connecting it to other major health campaigns targeting Black women, i.e., Black Girl Run to really push self care among Black females.

      Also, for Black women family is important. I’d love to see Michelle Obama address Single mothers and champion programs that help them. Also, marriage, what initiatives can be done to support that?

      I really want to see more from Michelle Obama on this and hope to see this in the next 2 years.

  • Wanda

    I see our boys struggling everyday in schools much more than our girls do.

    I cannot see why this wouldn’t be a good program?

  • Mrs. Obama

    Pres. Obama is married to a Black woman who we should implore to champion issues facing Black women.

    We have this unique opportunity to tap into someone who could be our ally in the White House, I say we do so.

    It’d be really interesting to create a summit of Black women who could meet with Michelle Obama to address issues facing Black women and have her stump for us.

  • SJA

    It is obvious that all decedents of slaves in America have disproportionately been mistreated. But we cannot not deny that there is a systematic attempt to move our black brothers from the slave quarters to the jail house. Why do we blame the system? Google Willie Lynch. Someone needs to give this some attention, and I am glad it is the President Of The United States.