Last week, Pew Research released a report that showed for the first time in 50 years, women are now “marrying down” educationally and are more educated than their mates. According to census data, in 2012 21-percent of women had a less educated spouse.

After the report was released, I thought about the people I’ve dated and their educational background. Living in the D.C. area my dating history reads like a beefed up LinkedIn profile. There were the attorneys (which are a dime a dozen in DC), medical doctors, teachers,  lobbyists and those people aiming to make a difference in the non-profit area. But there were also law enforcement, military and blue collar workers with only a diploma.  So it’s obvious I don’t discriminate because of someone’s lack of a degree.

But there are those who do.

Let’s call this friend “Joe”.  Joe would gawk at a potential date if he didn’t have at least a master’s degree. Then there’s “Lucy”.  Lucy is currently working on her PhD and only dates other PhD’s.  And I can’t forget “Monica”.  Monica has a family practice, and ONLY dates other doctors.  A diploma? She says she wipes her ass with those.

Ironically, each of these people are perpetually single.  To quote my friends over at Very Smart Brothas, “Your degrees won’t keep you warm at night”.  The whole idea of dating down educationally could possibly prevent a person from meeting a potential match, so why limit your options?

Clutchettes, is a degree that important when it comes to dating?

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