Whether you’re natural or relaxed, hair products are a common staple in your bathroom cabinets. There are the ones you consider your ‘holy grail’ and then the ones that you immediately trash after the first use.  But what about the products that have completely messed up your hair?

When a product messes up your hair, it could be for a few reasons. From allergic reactions, chemical reactions or just plain misuse.

In my case, 20 years ago when I did my big chop, I was obsessed with growing my hair out.  Once I got my fro where I wanted it to be, I then became a product junkie. There was one product I came across that I fell in love with immediately.  But it was short lived.  A few weeks into using the product, I noticed drastic shedding. Literally clumps of my hair were falling out.  I decided to head to an allergist and I had my products in tow.  Then he did a skin patch test and found out I was allergic to lemongrass, the main ingredient in my new hair product. I immediately trashed it.

It took months for my hair to recover from that product. Even til this day, I’ll head to Sephora and see it on the shelves, and I fight the urge to knock them to the floor.  As of now, I tend to make my own hair products, and I know what works best for my hair.

Clutchettes, have you had any product nightmares?

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