Sunday night I settled into my usual tv watching routine. First, The Walking Dead, then True Detective and finally Girls. I can’t say that I watch Girls necessarily because I’m head over heels for it, but I do enjoy two characters on the show, Shosh and Adam.

During Sunday’s episode, the twenty-something group of girlfriends took to North Fork, which is basically Martha’s Vineyard for those who feel they’re too good for the vineyard. The purpose of the trip, organized by Marnie, was to rekindle their friendship and talk about their issues with each other. Things don’t go exactly the way Marnie had planned. They didn’t do the bonding activities, their group dinner was a bust because of unexpected guests and Shosh basically read each and every one of her friends from head to toe after she got drunk.

At the end of the episode, even with all of the drama, everything seemed to be ok between the group of girlfriends. The operative word is seemed.

Let’s face it, sometimes friendships run their course. People move, grow apart, find other interesting people to hang out with. But sometimes friendships can just blow up in your face at the drop of a dime.

At what point do you walk away from a friendship? We all can’t gather our friends and escape to North Fork like the characters in Girls, to talk it out.  Or is talking about even necessary.  Sometimes fading to black, and removing yourself from the situation is easier.

Clutchettes, what did it take for you to realize a friendship has ran its course? How did you end it?

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