A live stream of Pharrell’s much-anticipated album dropped last night two weeks before its release. GIRL is Pharrell’s first album in 8 years, and after the success of  “Get Lucky,” “Blurred Lines,” and “Happy,” it’s safe to say he made a lot of people happy.

But not everyone.

The cover art for GIRL has drawn a lot of criticism because of its lack of diversity when it comes to brown hued women.  There’s a white woman, and two ambiguous light-skinned women on the cover, but Pharrell is the only melanin enriched person.

Take a look at a few of the responses to the cover below:

In typical fashion, those defending browness were attacked with comments about people never being satisfied, and when will “enough be enough” as far as attempts at showing diversity in color.

Who knows if Pharrell took part in choosing the women for his cover, or if he had any say so after they were presented to him. But one thing is certain, when people don’t see themselves being represented, they’re not going to buy the product, or support the artist.

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