In what is probably a last ditch effort to save his football career, Miami Dolphins lineman Richie Incognito offered apologies to teammate Jonathan Martin, team owner Stephen Ross and investigator Ted Wells following the NFL-ordered report detailing a racially charged bullying scandal.

Incognito apologized via his Twitter account and tweeted, “I would like to send Jonathan my apologies as well. Until someone tells me different you are still my brother. No hard feelings :)”

He also apologized to Wells and Ross, saying “this (stuff) got cray, cray.”

“There are no winners in the courts,” he wrote. “Just families left to deal with their decisions and pick up the pieces. You can’t free something.”

With his contract with the Dolphins nearing expiration, the fate of Incognito’s football career is still unknown. If the Dolphins do not renew his contract he’ll become an unrestricted free agent who can sign with any team.

He said he wants to play American football again.

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  • Marisa

    Lets see two weeks ago this racist pig was tweeting his full support of Jonathan to come back to the league, 8 days later he tweeted “THE TRUTH WILL BURY, YOU BETRAYED ME, YOU LIED”. Now its an apology I think these tweets is a window into what this “friendship” and what Jonathan was subjected to. The Wells report called it a bi-polar friendship, and nothing but PR this IncogScum is a bad guy period and it disgust me how some of these black players are defending him yeah you Vernon Davis of my beloved 49ers. Saying Richie is a great guy, well yall let him date your sisters as he has proven the great respect he has for his “friends” female family members.

    This guy is trading text message jokes with another white player about the best guns to shoot black people but, that’s the black Dolphins players honorary brotha huh. Also those other two shuck and jivers that backed him up Pouncey and Jones need to be dragged from here to eternity, yall joining in a racist dogging out another brotha. Yall don’t think he harbors the same feelings about you two dummies, Rodger Godell should come down on this team like he did the Saints.

  • geenababe

    I believe this man has some mental issues he doesn’t seemed stable and he shouldn’t play football again. He seems to love making a mockery of black people but why should he stop when no matter what racist things he say there will still be fools calling him an “honorary black man”.

  • 1Love

    Incognito should be banned from the NFL period!

  • This guy seems to embody every negative stereotype about football players. It will be interesting to see what happens when his contract is up.

  • Marisa

    Out of all the fake apologies still none for the black woman he molested at that team golf charity function, another case were others stood by and watched that and did nothing. Oh wait the Dolphins front office did cut her a check in return of her silence. When he tweeted last week about Jonathan suicidal thoughts, that was the most appalling. Which means that bunch including the coach picked on a guy they knew had suicidal thoughts, even with all that some team will sign him. This is after all the NFL the place that welcomes low life degenerates.