Dormtainment is straight up simple & that’s why we love ’em!! Dig this National Geographic spoof titled: Black People Laughing:

Lawd knows we’ve seen them all but I’d like add the following extras observed from past gut-busting experiences:

The 10 Second Sound Delay: This one is usually followed by an amplified cackle; The duration of the delay indicates the severity of hilariousness.

The Tinkle-Maker: Who out there has been lucky enough to see or hear something so hysterical they soiled their undergarments?

The Muscle Melter: My girl did a Janet Jackson imitation one time that had me laughing so hard I looked like a jello mold that fell to the floor.

The Mute: Ish can be funny as hell, and although this person’s body is convulsing they manage not to make the slightest sound.

The Mask: Rare, but identifiable due to their mouth (and sometimes entire face) being completely hidden by their hands, clothing or the most convenient object they can shield themselves with.

The Hard Stepper: It’s like a mild earthquake when this individual gets going. The speed of the stomping often coincides with the nature of the amusing event.

The Everlast: I find these usually occur when one is laughing at some ish they know they shouldn’t be. This type of breakout is akin to a frenzy, where the hardy-hars are uncontrollable, last for an unusual amount of time and leave the face and stomach muscles aching for a minute after the fact.

Do tell: What’s your go-to and/or favorite style of laughter, and don’t forget to add to this growing list of chuckles that appear to be going extinct ;)

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  • geenababe

    I know a laugh is a laugh but I do think some people go overboard and act out not just talking about black people. When I am comfortable in my settings or just something is really funny I guess I can be the old Auntie where I just do a “ha” or maybe more. Which is real since I am

  • MmmGood

    I just have a regular ha-ha-ha laugh. And sometimes I snort if I’m laughing really hard. It sounds funny and nerdy, but I can’t help it. One of my quirks.

    I hate when people sitting near me laugh in my ear or they scream-laugh so loud my eardrums vibrate and ring from way across the room. I mean, really? But, I guess I’d rather that than people frowning at me or arguing. Laughter and humor are medicine.

  • I fall down laughing like that famous gif of Oprah. If it’s a really funny joke I literally end up on the floor lol.