After calming down from his expletive filled gentrification rant, which was definitely on point, Spike Lee  made an appearance on “Anderson Cooper 360” to further discuss the points he so eloquently made.

Lee told Cooper  that he’s not against new people moving into areas that were once predominantly poor and predominantly African-American.

“My problem is that when you move into a neighborhood, have some respect for the history, for the culture,” Lee said.

And Lee isn’t without his supporters. Actress Rosie Perez said Lee is right, but could have delivered the message in a different way.  “Because he articulated in such a rant, so it’s easy to dismiss it as Spike Lee being crazy,” she said. “But he does have a definite point.”

But people were quick to point out that Lee doesn’t practice what he preaches, since it’s alleged that he hasn’t lived in Fort Greene for some time.

Check out the video below:

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