Grown tired of the standard chocolate, flowers and ish? Spice it up big time with these naughty tips for those looking to get in touch with their inner-freak – and that of their partner’s – this Valentines Day.

Public Sex: Dressing rooms, non-cruddy restrooms, in the back seat of your ride, a nice warm pool… Ever pushed the envelope on a crowded train? May seem a little too freaky, but not if your thoroughly inebriated! Get creative with it & remember it’s only illegal if you get caught (ha!!).

Good Vibrations – or your local non-sleazy sex shop: They got everything from toys, videos, clothes, sex swings, lubricants and more to guarantee a thoroughly satisfying encounter with the object of your desire.

Edible Spreads: Why stop there? You can make each other into a jumbo sized banana split, with whip cream, cherries and the works.

Role Play: With the right characters, it can be a thrilling experience in the bedroom or at restaurant, lounge, etc.

Pull Out The Blind Fold: Without sight, the sense of touch is bound to be sensually amplified.

S&M/Dominatrix Play: It would probably be best to set the ground rules on this ahead of time, namely a safe word….

Crotchless Clothing: His/her underwear or pants with easy access is a must-do for the hot, heavy and passionate.

Pre-Date Sexting: It’s like pre-foreplay; don’t forget to attach an inviting, dirty little photo.

Watch an Erotic Film Together, Naked: If this is a common activity, find a flick that explores some unchartered erotic territory. Which leads us to…

Visiting That Unchartered Erotic Terrain: For those whose repertoire is rather limited, take thangs to the next level with a little raunchy experimentation.

Share Your Nastiest Fantasies With Each Other: Then make them a reality.

Bathe or Shower Together: What’s not seductive about getting all nice & soaking wet with your lover-man?

Erotic Massages: Please take turns…

Go To A Club And Get Your Dirty Dance On: For the fellas who steer clear of the dance floor, don’t trip, no special skill is required to get your grind and grope on to the music.

Play Sex Games: Strip poker, Strip Uno, Go Fish, Truth or Dare, hell, any game that slowly intensifies that irrepressible sexual tension just yearning to erupt.

Tantric Sex: There are tons of books and articles that can give you and your lover a crash course on enhancing your mind, body and soul through the act of lovemaking in time for the holiday.

Hide & Seek: For the adventurous types this can be played indoors or outdoors using objects, or your own body to cleverly hide the key to each other’s desires.

Visit Strip, Sex or Swingers Club: How would you choose to experience it? As a voyeur, or an active participant?

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