Ever wish you could give your White friends or coworkers tips on how to avoid being unintentionally racist? Well, instead of having a potentially awkward conversation about why they shouldn’t say the n-word, touch your hair without permission, or making nasty Kwanzaa cakes around the holidays, a new web series does it for you.

According to its creator, Cameron Johnson, Try This Instead is a new satirical series that “examines a different micro-aggression, and come up with a ‘solution’ on how to avoid it — like sass-avoidance shock collars or just keeping your hands to yourself.”

The first episode explains why White folks cannot use the n-word, no matter who gives them a “pass” or how many rap songs they listen to.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna, take note.

What did you think of the series? What microaggressions should Try This Instead tackle next?

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  • I’m completely over trying to teach white people about these types of microaggressions. I limit my interactions with them and notice myself seeking friendships with only like-minded people. When I come across those who feign ignorance as to why it’s not OK to use the N- word or why “You don’t act like a Black girl” isn’t a compliment, I simply walk away and ignore them from that point on. I’m not here to teach white people the err of their ways. That energy can be directed elsewhere.

  • trev

    I think this was corny. Can’t take the host serious. Acting suck and wasn’t good.

  • Nichole

    As a privileged white girl, I hear enough white guys (and females) say the n-word to each other on a regular basis. When I tell them why they shouldn’t, they blow it off with these same stupid excuses. I wish they could see how ignorant they look.