Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 5.11.19 PMGenerally, honesty is a good policy, but sometimes life calls for you to fake it. Not to the point of self-delusion or denial, just long enough to get through or get by. Occasional faking doesn’t make you a liar, an impostor, or a fraud, it makes you smart. Strutting in to the interview for your dream job exuding confidence when you really feel like a quivering pile of insecurity, for example, is not just smart, but necessary. From feigning surprise when you learn the big secret you already knew about to pretending to love your mother-in-law’s beef stroganoff, here are a few things that are completely and totally OK to fake.

1. Confidence when you’re interviewing for that really, really good job. Confidence in general, really.

2. Strutting in like the hottest woman in the world when you arrive on your blind date.

3. A good mood when spending time with family members.

4. Surprise when you hear a secret you already knew.

5. Joy for your friend who just had a baby even though you secretly think she’s not ready.

6. Support when a loved one shares their big idea that sounds a little far out.

7. Positive feedback on your significant other’s first painting for art class.

8. A compliment about a dress your friend made herself and is really proud of.

9. Positivity after a breakup (post-mourning period).

10. How much you’re enjoying the dinner that your mother-in-law cooked for you.

11. Interest in your coworkers’ very serious lunchtime conversation about “Dancing With The Stars.”

12. Enthusiasm about a work task you are inwardly dreading.

13. Excitement about your friend’s upcoming destination wedding (even though you are breaking the bank to get to Costa Rica),

14. Having a boyfriend when some skeezy dude won’t stop hitting on you at a bar.

15. Calmness and coolness when you need to confront someone.

16. Effusive praise for your friend’s new band after their first concert.

17. Interest in any long-form complaint session.

18. Self-assuredness when you make big life decisions, like where to move across the country or which college to attend.

19. Utter and total gratitude when receiving a gift you don’t totally love.

20. Being “fine, thanks,” when someone you don’t know very well asks how you’re doing (even if you’re far from fine).

21. Orgasms. Sometimes.

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This post originally appeared on The Frisky. Republished with permission.

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