In what reads like something out of a B-rated horror movie, a family in Portland, Oregon had to call  911 after their 22-pound Himalayan cat attacked their 7-month old baby and forced the family into hiding.

Watch the news report below:


The cat, has now set up its own Twitter account, to give his own version of events.



The family is unsure if they’re going to keep the bionic cat.

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  • MimiLuvs

    Here’s the story:

    The child (a seven month old) had pulled on the cat’s tail. The cat attacked the baby (they never described the assault) and the father had kicked the cat.
    I am a cat lover. In fact, besides owning a few aquariums, I’ve owned cats. One of the things that all cat owners should know is to never allow a cat be in the same vicinity of an infant/toddler. Toddlers and infants do not know how to associate with cats (and even dogs for that matter). They will follow their basic instincts (for example, gouging out eyes, pulling on the tail, yanking on the fur, etc.).
    I blame the parents for this one.

    • Anonin

      Agreed. I see most people here aren’t animal people or don’t think that animals shouldnt react to being attacked.

    • vintage3000

      I agree. I love animals also, and know that like any living thing they react to being scared or hurt. Both of my dogs are cute and fluffy; little kids are forever coming up and crowding them, wanting to pet, stroke their floppy ears. Which is natural for children, and it’s good they have a healthy curiousity about animals and want to make friends with them. But they can be overwhelming, and they don’t hear my dogs growling very low, like ‘get these kids away from us, we don’t know them and we’re skurred’. And thankfully most of the time their parents are aware enough to pull their kids back. But often I’ve had to tell a kid that it’s dangerous to run up to an animal and touch them with no warning. Nevermind pulling a cat’s tail-sigh

      Given the circumstances, I am glad this family did not have their cat euthanized. But sadly I would have to find another home for him because you can’t monitor a baby and a pet every second of the day.

  • MimiLuvs


    A parent (or parents) could have pets in the same household as their children. The pet owners just have to vigiliant when it comes to training the pet and keeping the environment clean. There are some pet owners who believe that they can do something once or twice and the pet will listen. Parents also need to teach their children (when they’re old enough to understand) how to treat their pets, how to take care of them, etc.

  • LemonNLime

    Too bad the cat didn’t go CATatonic when it was kicked!

  • Ms.M

    This is hillarious to me, while I feel bad that the cat scratched the baby’s arm(according to news report this morning), there’s no way in hell a cat can keep me hostage. Im also not supportive of kicking the cat. I didn’t wanna be the first to say that this is an example of a Non Black people problem…. Wtf was the cops con do? The family called for emotional support I suppose. The cat is fixing to be internet famous lmao I’m dying.

    • Anthony

      This being a non-black people problem was the the first thought that crossed my mind, but lots of African Americans nowadays love their animals as much as the majority population.

    • Deana

      I am confused as to what race has to do with loving your pets. Loving pet owners love their pets regardless of race. I am so tired of silly BS racial stereotypes perpetuated by black people.

    • Anthony

      In my experience, fussing over cats and dogs like they were people was something I did not see among the African Americans I knew as a child. The growth of that attitude is something I saw developing from the late 1980s onward. I do think the change in attitude is something that we have absorbed from the majority.

  • Ms.M

    Anthony, I totally agree. I love animals. I’m not questioning the love that ppl of color have for animals. Let me clarify… I was saying the whole calling the cops thing isn’t highly likely to be done by black people.

    • Anthony

      @Ms. M, if a black adult had admitted kicking the cat, he of she would probably have been arrested for animal cruelty. Even when black folks call asking for help, we are still treated as criminal suspects.