Life for actresses of color ain’t no crystal stair.

While their White counterparts have free reign to play a myriad of quirky, complicated, sexy, intense, comedic, or lighthearted roles, actresses of color are often relegated to a few choices: the sassy best friend, the funny sidekick, the fat, single friend, the help.

Despite the gains actresses of color have made in Hollywood, one spot continually remains illusive—the leading lady.

In Typecast, Tess Paras teamed up with fellow thespians Ayana Hampton and Haneefah Wood to remix Lorde’s Royals and call out the film industry for its lack of roles diverse for women of color.

Take a look:

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  • Very cute. And sadly it’s very true. They had great singing voices. I enjoyed that.

  • Southpaw

    All this shows is a raging insecurity towards white women, but I get what they’re trying to accomplish.

    • Secret

      lol insecure is the new word against outspoken black women…hmmm wonder who started that..

    • vintage3000

      All you show is that eunuchs like yourself are too chickenshit to step to any White man, so your only form of expression is peeking out from behind women’s skirts. Kobe and Pharrell are only two negroes from this week alone, who prove hlw ineffective, weak and tragic so many of you are.

    • That’s what you got? Based on your comment I get a raging impression that you are clueless. This is clearly about lack of roles for women of color and the roles that are there are stereotypical. Wow. smh at ignorance.

  • D.J.

    Haha, that was pretty funny. Again this why I rolled my eyes when Angelina Jolie thanked Sidney Poitier for breaking down barriers at the Oscars, like 89 % of all actors cast this year alone were all White lol *shrug* But then again they do own the industry so I don’t expect them to know how write women of color characters (they aren’t WOC lol). That’s just something we’ll have to do.

  • lil ray

    Funny but Sad at the same time especially the part about *taking any part we don’t care*.

  • Macfille

    So sad and true. My little sister is a performer who has been trying to catch a break for years now, but Lupita N’yongo has all the spots taken for this year. :-( Maybe next year.