Shanesha Taylor is a homeless, single mother of 2 children, who was arrested for child abuse this week. Taylor left her children, ages 6 months and 2 years old, in her Dodge Durango while she attended a job interview in Scottsdale, Arizona.

A passerby found the children in the car, with the engine turned off and the windows cracked open. Once Taylor returned to the car, 45 minutes later, she informed the police officer that she did not have a babysitter for her children.

“She was upset. This is a sad situation all around. She said she was homeless. She needed the job. Obviously not getting the job. So it’s just a sad situation,” said Scottsdale Police Sergeant Mark Clark.

She was arrested and booked into jail for child abuse.

Her children are now in CPS custody.

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  • I can only say to those police even do their sicking promotion tremendously, they should remember they also have a mother maybe they don’t, and they did not know from growing up from baby boy to become a man today and becoming a policeman; they did not know what’ kind of sacrifices and humiliation their mother been through in her life to make them who they are today. That woman is not deserve any charges just because she did that does not make her a criminal. No, she is not a criminal because of that. A criminal will close all the door with the window up and live the kids inside…, Please release that woman and give her, her children…the person who’s receiving the most Humiliation in life from raising a child are mothers , i don’t care what kind of father any man can be. I do believe there is some awesome father too, but the percentage are to minim. She is not a criminal, she is a mother that cares tremendously for her children. That’s my opinion! May the “HEAVENLY LORD JEHOVAH” and “JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH” see her through those charges and make all of them drop.
    Rodney N. Jean-Francois

    • @Rodney N.Jean-Francois: I cosign and in agreement with you.

  • The Other Jess

    Why, Clutch, did you delete my comment? I am totally in support of this mother and hate the injustice she has had to suffer, and said as much in my comments. I even posted the donation link. hmmm..weird!

  • raina

    It don’t matter what her reasons were she never should have left those babies alone in that hot car. She’s very lucky that the waitress saved her babies life. We don’t know what happen to the father but its her responsibility to protect her babies. I don’t think that she asked for help. She has enough children without any help so she needs to make better decisions and use birth control. Also she shouldn’t have access to the money because she may not use it wisely. The court should appoint someone else over all this money. A lot of us have to pay our bills without 90,000.

    • elmer70

      Wow if shes broke,doing what shes supposed to do to try and improve hers and her kids life you want to punish her?

    • Doc

      What would we have done for her if they were taken and sexually abused and then murdered
      Guess we would give her a million dollars and a new car and home
      I can’t believe she could not leave them at a shelter or salvation army redcross but somewhere
      I have been in some dire situations in my lie but never left my kids in danger

  • Doc

    I can’t believe how a person that had so many options can get such sympathy
    If she was homeless there are shelters where she could have left the children for a couple of hours. There is also the RED CROSS,SALVATION ARMY, churches and many other places
    She would have been better off leaving them with a stranger than what she did
    She endangers her children and we award her
    She played the sympathy card and the nation crawled into it
    She deserves jail and her kids taken away