I am decisively “meh” on Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In foundation and its focus on a feminist movement driven by/benefiting capitalism, but I can get behind their latest PSA campaign to ban the word “bossy,” as it’s frequently used to describe and diminish ambitious women. Beyonce is down with it too, appearing in the PSA above (along with Jennifer Garner, Diane von Furstenberg, and Condoleezza Rice, amongst others) in which she states, “I’m not bossy. I’m the boss.” I just decided that Beyonce needs to do a song called “Bossy,” with that line as a lyric. And then it can be added to her soundboardt. Please? [NYMag.com]

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  • umm..LOL why cant women like her lean in and ban other words (like h*e, b&tch, thot) demeaning women in music. Sum ppl just have their priorities so twisted..!!

  • Angelique

    How about… those chicks are bossy. They are horrible to work with and maybe “B” should try to get the word, “Cotdang”, the clean version of the word she loves … or maybe the word “Daddy” for your lover, *shiver* (that is sick), banned… that might be a better cause.

  • I really don’t care that Beyonce is involved. My issue is with Sandberg, who is a privileged white woman, speaking for ALL women. Do Muslim women object to being called bossy?

  • G

    And this from the woman who wrote that catchy lyric “Bow Down Bitch!” She has problem with the word “bossy”? Call me strange, but umm let me see,

    Bitch (who has to bow down)

    I’m going with bossy!

    I am confused.