Photo: USA Today

Photo: USA Today

Over the weekend we told you about Avery Coffey, a Washington D.C. teen who was accepted to five Ivy League universities, and now we have more great news. Kwasi Enin, a Long Island, N.Y. native, has done the near impossible by winning admission to all eight Ivy League institutions.

Enin, a 17-year-old first-generation Ghanaian-American, received admission letters from Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Princeton, University of Pennsylvania, and Yale. According to counselors, this feat, like Avery’s, is extremely rare because students typically do not apply to all eight institutions in the first place.

Enin ranks 11th in his class of 647 seniors at William Floyd High School, scored 2,250 out of 2,400 on the SATs, and will have taken 11 Advanced Placement classes by the time he graduates this spring. The exceptional young man volunteers in the Stony Brook University Hospital radiology department and hopes to pursue a career in medicine like both of his parents who are nurses.

Despite his academic prowess, Enin also loves music. He plays the violin and sings in his school’s a cappella group and wants to study both music and medicine at university.

Enin has yet to make up his mind about which college he will attend in the fall, but with eight of the best schools in the nation competing for the teen, he’s in the perfect spot to negotiate the best financial aid package possible.

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  • Chike

    Kwasi, congratulations on your admission into all of the Ivy League schools.

    To all of the naysayers who dont think he deserves what he has accomplished, it is sad indeed. I am Nigerian, and I am willing to bet that his parents had a lot to do with his academic successes. Most, West African immigrants place educational achievement as a top priority for their children. At a very young age you are “persuaded” to either become a doctor or lawyer. For us, we equate education as the only way to survive in a prejudicial society.

    Did affirmative action give this kid a leg up in getting accepted into all 8 Ivy League schools? Perhaps. And if Fox News picks up this story, they will more likely than not mention it.

    Nevertheless, as Blacks, we need to come together as a united front to help each other succeed instead of determining who is more “Black.” In the eyes of America, we are all Black.