Racial profiling by cops is something black people have to deal with quiet often. But what people don’t talk about is the fact that black people are often profiled by black cops. On March 8, a group of Princeton students from the Black Youth Project, were allegedly profiled by a black police officer and pulled over for a broken tail light.  Upon inspection of the light, it appeared not to be damaged.

The students involved in the incident took it upon themselves to open up a dialogue with the police officer.  That conversation was caught on camera:

“You guys have a responsibility to protect and serve,” a student stated. “As black youth we don’t feel like we get that level of protection, we don’t get that benefit of the doubt that like regular white students running around Princeton campus,” he continued.

According to one of the students in the film, the police officer offered the students free parking as an apology. She also said the cop was trying to convince the students he wasn’t trying to criminalize them.

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  • 1Love

    Excellent topic!

    When white immigrant groups got into law enforcement, they wisely used it to benefit their communities & build wealth. When Blacks got in the game, we cosigned the “Black people are bad” agenda & sold out.

    • LAfem

      I’m not sure where you live but in Los Angeles, Hispanic cops bully their own people daily. I have personally seen a Mexican officer spit in the face of a Mexican vendor and threaten to deport him. Also, A white police officer in LA was recently on trial for beating a white homeless man to death. This belief that every other race ( except Black people) is “united” is a myth. We really need to stop perpetuating this divisive and untruthful myth. Friendships with non-blacks reveal that every race has it’s share of sociopaths and bullies. Police officers are a gang, they have no loyalty to race (at least in LA).

  • I have notice that a lot of black cops are something equal or dare I say it worst than whites cops. I can’t look at the video but I am glad the student push for some kind of communication.

  • Anthony

    Two things helped the students: they were a group, instead of an individual (especially an individual male;) the other factor was this was a college campus. A city cop would have called backup and treated the situation like a potential riot.