The Boondocks creator is bringing Black Jesus to Adult Swim. This marks Aaron McGruder’s second late night comedy series.

Black Jesus will be a live-action, half-hour comedy that sees Jesus living today in Compton, CA. According to The Hollywood Reporter, he’s “on a daily mission to spread love and kindness throughout the neighborhood with the help of his small but loyal group of downtrodden followers.” Somehow, we doubt that’s going to go smoothly.

The series stars Gerald “Slink” Johnson (Grand Theft Auto V) stars as Black Jesus. Charlie Murphy(Are We There Yet?), Corey Holcomb (The Cleveland Show), Kali Hawk (Couples Retreat), up-and-coming comedian Andrew “King Bach” BachelorAndra Fuller (L.A. Complex) and John Witherspoon.

The new comedy is already in production, with an anticipated premiere scheduled for later this year


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  • geenababe

    Does this mean “The Boondocks” is done…I hope not

    • ALM

      “The Boondocks” will be back with new episodes next month.

  • Anonin

    I have a complicated relationship with this guy,

    his views I mean. Sometimes I agree sometimes….

    But this seems promising. Boondocks is supposed to be back in April I think. What it needs is Cesar and less prophetic gay culture commentary to be perfect lol

  • I’m here for this!

    This is going to be great. I think Aaron McGruder is talented and so intelligent.

  • anichole

    My issue with this is that he takes forever to put out new material! Instead of giving him a new show how about he knock out at least 2 more seasons of the Boondocks that can be aired back to back? #ijs

  • ALM

    Why do I have the feeling that in addition to turning every drop of water into wine, Black Jesus will also probably be using profanity?

    Just seeing John Witherspoon’s name alone……I know that this show is going to be hilarious.