Chris Brown diagnosed with bipolar disorder

Chris Brown appeared in court Friday for a hearing relating to the 2009 domestic violence incident involving former girlfriend Rihanna.

Brown recently completed a 90-day stint in rehab for anger management and received intense therapy that may have uncovered the root of his many public meltdowns. According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, the singer was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and  PTSD.

“Mr. Brown became aggressive and acted out physically due to his untreated mental health disorder, severe sleep deprivation, inappropriate self-medicating and untreated PTSD,” the facility wrote in its report to the court.

Brown continues to receive treatment and is currently on medication to treat bipolar disorder. And apparently it’s working.

Instead of improperly self-medicating with drugs and alcohol, the facility says Brown uses “behavioral strategies to manage acting out on impulses” and “is teaming relaxation exercises that will reduce consequent impulsive behaviors.”

The singer has also been a positive member of the treatment community, waking up at 5 a.m., working hard, and fulfilling his service obligations.

“Mr. Brown’s attitude has been beyond exemplary in regard to his community service responsibilities,” the facility noted.

Despite his progress, a Los Angeles judge order Brown to remain in the facility for an additional two months to continue treatment and await trial on assault

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